If There's a Chance I'm an Operating Sociopath...

I just finished reading this article, 20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You, and I got to thinking, What if I'm a malignant narcissist? What if I'm an operating sociopath?

Then I remembered all the sociopathic fuckers I've met in my life and the few that are still around, and I think, Oh, wait, I'm nowhere near that awful. I'm a cunt-and-a-half, but I am not a horrible person.

What I have is ghetto hood-bitch logic. A man cheated on you? Beat his ass up. A bitch tried to sleep with your man? Beat that bitch up. Your sister tried stealing from you? Set her car on fire. Your boss is an asshole? Undermine them by showing up late and daring them to fire you while still being excellent at your job. An extended relative is being rube? Tell them to go fuck themselves. An ex-boyfriend is demanding for more than his share of property? Set the whole pile on fire, and give him the ashes. 

I've been exposed to manic people and genuine sociopaths, and I know when someone is acting out and when someone behaves like your life is their temporary toilet. Sometimes the wild boys and girls I knew weren't trying to discover new heights; sometimes they just wanted to fuck shit up for the sake of their own ego, and that's not okay. I think a lot of us have done the same on a smaller scale, but I've never met a healthy, mature person act like a fucking psychopath unless I was witnessing a boiling point. And even then, that can implicate how a person acts in their private life versus what they choose to show to the public.

Except for children. Every child I've ever met is an operating sociopath. 

On making friends with the aged

I really don't like making friends with old people. With old men, I always feel, like, a little worried. Is this a nice sweet old man, or is this guy one of those bastards that beat his wife and ran out on his kids in the sixties? And with old women, oh fuck, don't even get me started. Did this lady fuck up her kids, like hit them, or is she a nice old lady who is a cookie aficionado and always has gum in her purse? 

Truth is, any old person can be both a monster and a nice person. They've lived twenty lifetimes before I ever did. What do I know! Each person, with age, has acquired the wisdom and knowledge from experience, and that can change a person, or it may not.

That's why I hit her with my car, your honor. I knew I was at least 50% right she was a cunt once in her life, and on that day, she was gonna get hers.